SidemarksHappy New Year

Happy New Year

We are off and running again as 2023 is off to a blazing start with the launch of this new website and the opening of Atlanta Market right away.  I hope I get to see many of you in person during the show, and welcome those of you online.

This new site has been in the works for quite some time, and we are eager for you to get registered and busy perusing all our fabulous brands in one place, anytime! With over 100,000 options, we believe our site to be a great place to launch a project!

2022 began with a ton of challenges including backed up ports full of container ships, costs increasing in every facet of our business and more product on backorder than ever before to name a few. Though there were plenty of other twists and turns throughout the year, I feel we are getting very close to a return to more of a sense of normalcy.  I can assure you the backorders are considerably less today than they were a year ago and stock levels much higher!  Prices are still moving some but not as much. As a heads up, you have until 2/16 before a price increase takes effect with Arteriors.  Order now!!

We have made some changes to our brand package, reducing by four the number of partners we are representing. This was a difficult but necessary decision in order to create more work/life balance for our team and staff and to hopefully make us better stewards of our brands.  I want to thank those four former Brand Partners for their collaboration to our mutual success, most of them for a very long time. I encourage you to continue to work with Emissary, Lacefield Designs, LEVEL 57 and Pigeon and Poodle, all quality brands led by very talented people.

Let’s talk product! A few of the launches I am most excited about this market include the new dining table program from Arteriors, along with a greatly expanded collection in their fine furniture category. 

Pom Pom at Home
Pom Pom at Home

If you are not considering Arteriors in these two categories, I encourage you to get them on your radar because there is so much more coming!  Villa and House, formerly known as Bungalow5, is all about saturated color this season.  Yes, color! Isn’t it nice to hear that word again?  Another tip is the fabulous lamp assortment that V&H has built and something you may not think of immediately when you think of them.  Everyone always tells me they need more accessories and they are again a wonderful resource for this category. 

You do expect color from Worlds Away and they have brought us even more along with some wonderfully textured case goods this season.  In fact, we have a Palm Beach feel to one area of the showroom highlighting their new launches.  Noir and CFC, all designed by Georg Baehler, continue to launch new product almost monthly and we will keep our site current so you don’t miss a thing. 


Loloi expanded their presence in our showroom this market alongside Noir/CFC and look for even more stunning changes on that side of the hall by Summer Market. 


Peacock Alley has a couple of new looks that lean more masculine in nature, not overly so, but just enough.  As well, they rolled out a new pattern available in three colorways and a really pretty Spruce shade coverlet, such a warm and fresh new color from them.   Pom Pom at Home has a significantly larger space here in the showroom with layers and layers of new to include, coverlets in natural shades, their ever-popular large pillows in several wonderful hues of velvet along with two new plaid blankets that are sure fire hits! 

Peacock Alley

Our own boutique upholstery collection, Charter Street, launches some new chair silhouettes in its expanded space and look for a new catalog and rebrand in February.  The rebrand hearkens to Nantucket, where the brand was initiated and my personal favorite place in the US, my go to escape every chance I get. 


I will refresh these remarks at least every market season to let you know what to expect in Atlanta or what I found most interesting in High Point as well as other side (re)marks that I want to share with you and hope you will follow along.  At the same time, I would love to hear from you regarding what is inspiring you!

Villa & House